Pallavi Sachdev

Pallavi Sachdev

Company: Eisai

Job title: Executive Director Translational Science, Clinical Evidence Generation, Deep Human Biology (CEG DHBL)


Panel Discussion: Is Plaque Reduction a Valid Marker of Response & Sufficiently Relevant to Drug Efficacy? 9:00 am

Navigating how the recent approval of amyloid clearing antibody drugs will affect regulator perception of plaque reduction as a marker of drug efficacy Reviewing if plaque targeting is relevant for drugs with a different mechanism of action and if this affects the safety profile too significantly Exploring the relevance of plaque clearance in heterogenous pathology…Read more

day: Conference Day One

Panel Discussion: Overcoming Barriers to Clinical Utility of Emerging Non-Invasive Blood & Imaging Tests 3:00 pm

Navigating accessibility challenges internationally to blood based biomarkers for early diagnosis Employing consortia to strategically make biomarkers more reliable, generalizable and clinically relevant to enhance the quality and credibility of biomarker validation studies Exploring future directions in biofluid sampling at-home for improved patient experience and retention in clinical trialRead more

day: Blood-Based Biomarker Focus Day

Integrating Non-Invasive Biomarkers to Allow for Earlier Intervention in Treating Neurodegenerative Disease 8:00 am

The hallmarks of Alzheimer’s Disease require a multimodal approach of biomarkers to evaluate heterogeneity of disease Non-invasive biomarker modalities for diagnosis, staging and treatment response Enabling a personalized approach using global proteomics and molecular subtyping to reflect disease heterogeneityRead more

day: Blood-Based Biomarker Focus Day

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