Partnership Opportunities

Looking To Position Yourself as a Leader Within the CNS Space?

2023 will see a new era of neuroscience products, with the CNS drug development field anticipating huge strides as oncology did in the 2010s.

With large pharma investing vast amounts into novel areas to revolutionize the trajectory of drug development for such a huge unmet need with neurodegenerative diseases. Now is the time to secure new business and form connections with the new faces pioneering the next wave of neurodegenerative therapeutics.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join the positive audience of invigorated neuroscientists who are paving the way for new preclinical technologies and clinical advances.

CNS pharma and biotech companies seek:

In vitro models and cell-based assays, such as IPSC, organoid, and brain-on-a-chip models

In vivo models of neurodegeneration to study pathophysiology, aging, and behavior in AD and PD

NHP models of AD and PD to determine safety and efficacy for successful translation into the clinic

Early-stage patients to test efficacy in promising emerging candidates for AD and PD

Preclinical and clinical CROs with expertise in CNS diseases and delivery

Novel biomarker technology, from CSF and blood to neuroimaging and biomarkers to detect neurodegeneration progression and improvement

Genetic sequencing companies to study pathophysiology and aid patient selection for neurodegenerative trials

If you provide any of the above or other products or services that could support biotech and pharma advancing neurodegenerative therapeutics, the 11th Annual Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Drug Development Summit will build a bespoke partnership package for you to showcase your expertise to this niche audience of high seniority decision makers at the helm of transforming neuroscience drug development.