Welcome to the 10th Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit

Neuroscience is arguably the next great frontier in medicine and 2022 dawned with a wave of exhilarating progress for the neurodegenerative drug development community. Sanofi announced collaboration with ABL Bio to advance ABL301 for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, the FDA has accepted an IND application for Ketamine to treat ALS and Astrogen are working with Iktos to weaponize AI against Parkinson’s disease – kickstarting a new year of pioneering research against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS and more.

From exploring emerging therapeutic approaches like protein degraders and scrutinizing the latest biomarker research to determine which one is most useful against neurodegenerative disease indications to taking a multi-omic approach to target discovery, the 10th Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit siphoned critical insights from Biogen, AbbVie, Roche, Takeda, Novartis, Alector, Alzheon and more to help you supercharge therapeutic development through to approval for neurodegenerative disease patients around the world.

Our 2022 program explored a whole host of brand-new topics including learning how to tailor your regulatory drug development approach for swift approvals, dissecting the neurodegenerative drug development investing landscape and uncovering in vitro transcytosis models for BBB targeting. We have a new pre-conference day dedicated to uncovering the potential of precision neurology and progressing pipeline in rare neurodegenerative diseases as a model to expand into broader indications- making this the perfect intensive crash course for experts across your team to get up to speed with the insights they need to accelerate their neurodegenerative drug development.

The summit was joined by 40 speakers, including 25+ new experts and 150+ drug developers from leading companies to uncover the secrets behind developing industry defining neurodegenerative therapies, tailor the experience to meet your needs and supercharge your neurodegenerative drug development strategy.

Expert Speakers Included:

Reviews from the Neurodegenerative Community:

"High quality speakers and multiple opportunities to meet the other participants. Highly informative and interactive"
Michael Ruff, President, Creative Bio-Peptides Inc.

"A very good overview of the state of the art issues that are confronting the field of neurodegeneration"
Brett Skolnick, Executive Director - Clinical Development, Gossamer Bio

"NDD provided a great opportunity for discussion, feedback, and networking alongside an all star speaker line-up"
Samantha Hutten, Senior Associate Director - Research Partnerships & Research Programs, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

"Great update on the current state of affairs of neurodegenerative research"
Mark A. Reed, CSO, Treventis Group

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