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The 10th Neurodegenerative Disease Drug Development Summit discussed, debated and explored pivotal neurodegenerative disease research from the past 12 months.

 Highlights included:

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Comprehensively analyze the impact of aducanumab’s approval for Alzheimer’s on the regulatory landscape for neurodegenerative disease with Roche, Cyclerion, Caraway Therapeutics and The University of Panamericana

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Deep dive into how 2021’s events have changed investment outlook with AbbVie, 5am Ventures and the Dementia Discovery Fund to hear how new mechanisms and modalities have opened doors for early stage investment, explore new regulatory approvals and the affect on funding for clinical stage opportunities and analyze public market reception for neuro focussed companies and their effects on mergers and acquisitions.

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Explore the potential of precision neurology with Sanofi and Roche to understand how to use it to find the right indication and patient population, plus learn how to utilize innovative delivery technology to move therapies across the blood brain barrier & optimize precision targeting of neurons

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Deep dive into CNS application of protein degraders with Origami Therapeutics to determine whether they can be utilized in a selective manner to minimize side effects and maximize therapeutic outcome


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Analyze the latest biomarkers research with AgeneBio and Alzheon to determine which one is most useful for neurodegenerative disease drug development

Past Attendees Include:

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"Great group of people in the neuroscience and drug discovery field getting together to share ideas and thoughts"

William Chen, Director - Systems Biology, Biogen