Applying the Principles of Precision Medicine to Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Development

Time: 4:00 pm
day: Conference Day Two


  • The principles of precision medicine – targeting the right drug to the right patient at the right time, have transformed oncology drug development and clinical practice, and are poised to do the same for neuroscience
  • In Alzheimer’s disease (AD) we can now identify people with Alzheimer’s pathologic changes, decades before the onset of clinical symptoms, and target specific therapeutics to the stage of disease where they are most likely to give the greatest benefit to patients
  • We will present data and strategies using digital, blood based, and imaging biomarkers applied to the clinical development of two tau-targeting therapeutics: Posdinemab, a monoclonal antibody targeting p217+ tau and JNJ-64042056 (ACI-35.030), an active immunotherapy targeting phosphorylated tau
  • Data from the Global Neurodegeneration Proteomics Consortium (GNPC) supports the hypothesis that there are specific subtypes of Alzheimer’s disease that may benefit from different therapeutic interventions