Workshop A: Next-Generation Blood-Brain Barrier Penetrant Therapeutic Antibodies

Time: 8:00 am
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day


The recent approval of anti-Aβ antibodies has ushered in new possibilities and challenges in the realm of neurodegenerative diseases. A significant hurdle lies in the blood-brain barrier, permitting only 0.01-0.1% of antibodies to traverse into the brain, primarily through cerebrospinal fluid. The pivotal and complex challenge of achieving selective delivery of therapeutic antibodies with high bioavailability to the brain is at the forefront of drug development.

In this workshop, we delve into innovative approaches to surmounting the challenges associated with the blood-brain barrier, including:

  • Reviewing the challenges and improvements necessary for brain shuttles to effectively cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • Investigating the unique clustering pattern of transferrin receptors expressed on brain vessels, which are more densely distributed than in other tissues.
  • What is the consensus on transferrin receptor targeted therapeutic design needs: monovalent versus multivalent, as well as low affinity versus high affinity.
  • Discussing BBB targets beyond transferrin receptors including CD98hc and IGF1R.
  • Applying the principle of super-selectivity to engineer therapeutic antibodies, enhancing brain bioavailability without compromising systemic pharmacokinetics.

Join this session to gain insights into the latest research, contribute to the discussion, and explore innovative solutions in the delivery of therapeutic antibodies across the blood-brain barrier.

*There will be a short morning break and refreshements available at 9:30 during this session